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Slut Shaming and Absolute Lads

5 days 1 hour / Comments

There’s a double standard in today’s generation that we’re all aware of, yet re-enforce every day. We come across it in school, work or on social media daily. The only way to stop this is to think before we speak.

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Eric Mazimpaka - From Death To Dest...

1 year 1 month / Comments

The expectations which I'd placed upon myself were too much to live up to and the pressure left me broken. I decided it would be easier to create an escape route.

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From Victim to Victor: How To Recov...

1 year 1 month / Comments

As we work to clear the corners of ourselves, there is precious room being made for our ever-increasing greatness, both inside and out.

LJC Art - Expression Through Sound and Colour

by GEM Magazine / May 13, 2015 / Comments

We live in a fear-based society. If you don't get a good education and a secure job, what will you amount to? I chose not to buy into that. Maybe I had a bit of a rebel in me, refusing to let my spirit be defeated by fear. I believe fear is a choice.